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Aristo-Craft 30124 US Style 15' Diameter Curved Sections
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Brand/Style: Aristocraft Curved Track
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Aristocraft Curved Track Details

This is a section of Aristo-Craft 30124 USA Style 15 Foot Diameter Curved Track. Aristo-Craft track is widely known for its outstanding quality, long-lasting durability, and most of all, affordability. Instead of being hollow, the rail in Aristo-Craft track is solid for strength and performance. Aristo-Craft's brass rail has a very high percentage of copper insuring that conductivity of Aristo-Craft track is superlative. This brass rail also features a very low percentage of lead, greatly inhibiting oxidation. The Aristo-Craft Screw/Rail Joiner System is a pride of Aristo-Craft design. It provides terrific conductivity w... [truncated].